Build your fast e-commerce website in no time!

Trust Maxpho’s eCommerce Software for your online sales management! Maxpho’s eCommerce site includes a responsive template that allows you to become active, in up to 12 languages, within minutes. The main advantages of the e-commerce site are its load speed* and its seamless integration with several sales networks.
* by load speed we mean the server’s reaction time. The browser load speed depends on many factors, including for examples the type of connection (DSL, cable or fiber optic) and the number of text/images on the website.

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What does eCommerce management include?

Responsive template included*

Integrated SEO Module

Automatic translations with Google Translate

Ability to change any definition directly from the control panel

Shipping costs calculated by weight/volume

* Personalized graphics cost extra

Responsive template

Double your online sales with our responsive templates! Due to increasing worldwide sales through smartphones and tablets, it is vital to have your eCommerce site preformatted for mobile. Stay on track with Maxpho’s eCommerce Software and structure your online store for these mobile devices!

Fluid-Image template

Choose between one of the following templates in order to see the LIVE demo:

Fluid-Light template

Choose between one of the following templates in order to see the LIVE demo:

Payment methods

Main payment method:

Our main payment method is PayPal Fast Checkout. This allows guest to order items in no time simply using PayPal email address and password.

Additional payment methods:

PayPal® Pro (credit card circuit) –

Wire transfer –

Cash On Delivery (COD) –

Shipping methods

Shipping methods available:

 – Free Shipping

 – Flat rate

 – Cost per item

– Costs based on currency and country/state

– Costs based on weight/volume and country/state

Shipping options:

 – Insurance

 – Cash on Delivery

Marketing tool

Marketing tools are crucial for online activity. They help us improve our site’s development and visibility thanks to work performed by customers who participate in the buying experience and provide valuable feedback.


Ecommerce by Maxpho enables you to use Coupon, a wonderful tool that enables you to send promotional codes to buyers so that they can benefit from a specific promotion when completing the order.

Coupons are an extremely flexible tool that let you:

Personalize the code to which the coupon is associated –

Establish a temporary duration for the coupon –

Associate a % or $ value to the coupon –

Set a minimum order value –

Define the number of uses permitted –

Coupons can be used as an efficient marketing instrument thanks to the ability to filter by:

Category –

Manufacturer or Brand –

Client –

Orders Total Minimum –

Deals / Promotions

This is also a very flexible and efficient marketing tool that can be set with a predetermined start and end date for:

– Single Client (associating a discount in %)

– Single Product

– Category

– Manufacturer

– Price Ranges

Statistics with Google® Analytics

Maxpho eCommerce allows you to link your site to Statistics offered by Google® Analytics, which offers detailed information about your site’s traffic and the efficiency of your web-marketing campaign.


With Maxpho’s eCommerce, you can create Newsletter campaigns featuring your products. You cannot directly send the newsletters through the service, but it enables you to construct and export your Newsletter templates and client list for use in another program, such as Mailchimp, MailUp, Sendicate, VerticalResponse etc…

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