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Amazon Software That Simplifies Your Life

Efficiently manage your professional Amazon account with our Maxpho software! Instantly synchronize the price and availability of your products in Europe and the United States, leveraging the advantage of centralized management.

Maxpho software for Amazon is the ideal ally to automate processes and increase sales, whether you operate from your warehouse or through the Amazon FBA program. With our management system, you no longer have to worry about order management: our automated system will take care of everything for you!

Amazon Software

Compatible with online sales platforms


Order, product, and inventory updates


Go to key markets with a click

Organize and Synchronize Price and Quantity

Forget the need to access the Amazon panel to manage products, orders, and customers. With our software for Amazon, everything can be managed from a single platform, efficient even for those who use other sales channels.

Our Amazon management system offers the advantage of real-time centralization of Amazon marketplaces in the United States and Europe. Thanks to the Maxpho automatic Amazon plugin, you can minimize the management costs of your online business.

Finally, quickly expand your presence in one of the world's most influential marketplaces, selling your products in European and North American markets and significantly multiplying your profits.

Sell Worldwide with Amazon

Our Amazon management software allows you to centralize and synchronize the management of your marketplaces in North America and Europe in real-time, covering eight different countries.

Maxpho offers a unique solution for listing your products on Amazon, creating a unified account to efficiently manage listings in the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, with complete control over price catalog management in all these nations.

Quantity Update After Every Sale on Any Network

Sell globally

Features of Our Amazon FBA Software

Discover the key features of Maxpho's management software for Amazon FBA and Amazon Store. A distinctive feature is our ability to synchronize the quantities of existing products on Amazon, thus avoiding the creation of new listings.


Real-Time Price/Quantity Update for Each Product
Automatic Updates

Launch of Automatic Updates in the Cloud
Post-Sale Management

Post-Sale Management (centralized order management)
Automatic Download ASIN

Automatic ASIN Download from EAN/UPC Code*
Listing Price

Dedicated Price List for Each Amazon State

Synchronize with Other Marketplaces
Maxpho is not just an Amazon software; it also allows you to manage orders and optimize sales on other channels:

Software That Simplifies Life

Do you want to leverage Amazon logistics (FBA) without the burden of accessing the seller central and other control panels, saving precious time? Maxpho software for Amazon includes a specific module for FBA management, which eliminates the need to spend hours in front of the screen updating catalogs, inventories, and warehouses.

Another significant advantage is the ability to integrate FBA management with the rest of your online store's operations or your entire company. This allows you to eliminate synchronization problems, confusion, and loss of documents and data, common when managing multiple platforms separately.



Unified Management

Unified Management

Complete integration with the rest of the business management and other online sales platforms.

Goodbye Seller Central

Goodbye Seller Central

Access, manage, and synchronize from your dashboard with truly comprehensive and integrated Amazon software.

Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money

No more days spent sorting documents and updating inventories and catalogs: Maxpho takes care of everything

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I have a dedicated price list for Amazon?

With Maxpho, you can create multiple price lists and associate them with different marketplaces. So, you can create a different list between your ecommerce, eBay, and Amazon directly from Maxpho.

Q. Can I upload new products to Amazon through Maxpho's management system?

When a product is uploaded to Amazon, it becomes accessible to all Amazon sellers. Therefore, products to be sold must be pre-loaded directly from sellercentral and cannot be uploaded from Maxpho. In fact, our application only manages Amazon's price/quantity.

Q. Can I have different prices in each Amazon nation?

Not only can you create lists for different marketplaces, but it is also possible to differentiate each nation. So, you can create a list for each country directly from Maxpho, which will then be synchronized with Amazon.

Q. How do I obtain a product's ASIN?

Maxpho allows you to automatically download ASINs from the panel. In fact, you just need to enter the product identifier such as EAN/UPC/GTIN, and it's done. ASIN codes are unique globally. So, if the product does not exist on Amazon, no ASIN will be generated, and you will then have to preload it directly from Amazon's sellercentral.

Q. How can I have a repricer or the lowest price on Amazon?

You don't have to pay for any software to have this functionality! As one of the functionalities offered for free by Amazon is the repricer. You just need to configure it, and prices are lowered if your competitor sets a lower price (obviously up to the threshold you indicate). Additionally, with Maxpho's management software for selling on Amazon, you can reset the original price of your Amazon listings once a day and then reactivate the repricer. This way, you can also control prices upwards.

Q. Are updates from Maxpho to Amazon immediate?

Updates to Amazon are sent constantly, but Amazon has its own processing times for each request that do not depend on us. Generally, updates can take from 10 minutes to hours, depending on Amazon's load, how many updates you send, and other factors.

Q. How do discounts work on Amazon?

There is an algorithm on Amazon that identifies whether the product is really discounted or not. For example, if you upload a new product from sellercentral and set the public price and the discounted price, it may not be made available to the public. Therefore, the "game" of fake discounts that many merchants use does not work. With Maxpho, it is possible to set the final price. So, if the public price is higher (and Amazon's algorithm perceives that there is a discount), a discount will be created on Amazon.