We don’t simply create listings, we’ll help you grow efficiently!

Interact with your eBay stores automatically and simultaneously. Maxpho enables you to optimize your eBay store management in a completely automatic way. You can create active listings simultaneously in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom within minutes with shipping costs automatically updated depending on the destination. In addition, you can also list products on Germany, France, Italy and Spain with automatic translations.

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  1. the United States (ebay.com)
  2. Canada (ebay.co.uk)
  3. the United Kingdom (ebay.co.uk)
  4. Belgium (ebay.be)
  5. Ireland (ebay.ie)
  6. Switzerland (ebay.ch)
  7. Austria (ebay.at)
  8. France (ebay.fr)
  9. Italy (ebay.it)
  10. Spain (ebay.es)
  11. Germany (ebay.de)
  12. Australia (ebay.au)


Forget about logging in to ebay.com to manage products, orders and clients. With Maxpho, you have everything you need in just one web panel! Maxpho also enables you to synchronize and optimize your products on one or multiple accounts.

Product Information

Easily manage your products using our web application and we format and organize your product data for each marketplace:

  1. Centralized access point: Manage your product information for all your marketplaces in one single panel
  2. Categories assignation: Automatically get your category associated with your product.
  3. Product Variations: Expand your Bundle options with choices like size, color and more.
  4. Price List: Specify a different sales price for each country
  5. Out-of-Stock Inventory: Remove products in every channel when inventory goes out of stock.

Manage Orders

Syncing products in all your channels is not enough. You need a tool that can help you on manage all related orders.

  1. Order Management: Fulfill orders efficiently, regardless of which channel they are placed on.
  2. Order Bundle: Bundle different transactions from the same buyer in one order to save on shipping costs.
  3. Customizable Email Templates: Deliver the right message in the right language for each order.
  4. Batch modify: Apply changes to multiple orders in no time
  5. RMA process: Manage your Return Merchandise Authorization in a easy way

Cross-Border Trade (CBT)

Maxpho raises your distribution to an international level!
There are 2 approaches you can take when selling internationally: “Passive” or “Active”.

  1. Passive: you list products on ebay.com and you offer international shipping (BASIC)
  2. Active: you automatically list on each country’s site with:
    • the same eBay Store (ADVANCED)
    • a different eBay Store for each country (EXTREME)

No matter which solution you choose, with Maxpho you can manage all of them with automatic synchronization.

eBay Templates

Maxpho’s eCommerce software lets you enjoy up to 5 different eBay templates created just for you. Follow your creativity and customize your Store using our unique software. Don’t hesitate and let us show you what our software can do for you!
Otherwise, if you need a custom design we can provide it to you with Store Header, Product and category page.

10x faster

Out of Stock

8x faster

Price Updates

1x faster

Update and New Product listings

Speed up your store

  • Out of stock 10x (approx 1 sec for update)
  • Price and Quantity Update 8x (approx 1,2 sec for update)
  • Products Update & New Products Listing 1x (approx 10 sec for update)

Be aware: if for example you want to update 10,000 listings, our software takes 1.2 sec time 10,000 listings (approx 3 hours and half) to apply all changes on eBay. The execution time depends on many factors including the eBay server, network latency AWS server load time etc. The execution time is not guaranteed by Maxpho.

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