Sync products and fetch orders, throughout the US and Europe!

Manage your professional account and Amazon Store with Maxpho! Our software allows you to synchronize price and quantity for every one of your Amazon products throughout the US and Europe. Order management is also centralized, so there is no need to worry about the source of the order. Maxpho takes care of all of this for you!

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What does Amazon Store management include?

Price/Quantity management for every product (with variations too)

Automatic updates

After-sales management (centralized order download)

Automatic ASIN download from an UPC/EAN code*

Specific price catalogue for each Amazon®

* The ASIN downloading applies only and exclusively to products with an UPC/EAN code that already exist in Amazon. Amazon’s Plugin requires all the products to be already published in Amazon’s Catalogue with an ASIN code. Maxpho does not create new insertions in Amazon.


Forget about logging in to Amazon to manage products, orders and clients. With Maxpho you can manage everything from just one application even if you already have other e-commerce accounts. The main perk, in fact, is the centralized US and European marketplaces on Amazon and the synchronization between these marketplaces and any other network or marketplace.
This automatic interaction that Amazon’s Plugin is proposing allows you to minimize most of the management costs of the online activity. The Amazon Plugin automatically enables you to sell your products in all Amazon US and European marketplaces. This will minimize your online management costs and increase your presence on one of the most important and valued marketplaces worldwide.

International Sales (CBT)

Amazon® offers the opportunity to post your products throughout US and Europe by creating a unified account.
This allows:

  1. Price catalog management for each country
  2. Managing multiple listings in US, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the UK.
  3. Warehouse management (quantity update right after each sale)

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